Precast Concrete Driveways

Precast Concrete

There really isn’t a lot that CHW Surfacing Ltd cannot do; we offer an excellent range of Precast Concrete that is fantastic if you have a large, obtuse or bending drive.

The benefits of having a Precast Concrete Drive are almost unlimited, it’s a lot better for flexibility if your drive is winding or the angle is very strange and you can choose from many different colours. the strength makes the concrete almost unbreakable and the durability is 70 years plus.

Another beneficiary to having a Precast Concrete Drive is the cost efficiency. It doesn’t need maintenance and you can make your own design.

CHW Surfacing has the right tools and equipment to make sure your drive looks unique, stylish and awesome.

We work closely with our customers to ensure 100% job satisfaction. Fill in the form below to discuss your requirements and we’ll provide you with a free quote upon request.