Stone built walls


CHW Surfacing Ltd are an all round excellent firm with high skilled NVQ standard craftsmen on board there quality team. Stone Built Walls are ideal for farm walls or even just too add to your back garden, there are four types of walls you can build:

Dry Stone Walls- Dry stone is built using no sand, cement or lime but we use a special technique, sort of a family secret to make sure the wall stays up and stays strong for many years.

Retaining wall- Retaining walls serve many purposes when it comes to landscaping. No longer just serving a practical function, a stone wall will enhance the landscape rather than just blend-in.

Wet and Raked- The stones are mixed in with sand, cement and lime and then raked back to highlight the stone.

Traditional- Traditional style using weathered stone, the stones are raised, raked and brushed. We can also create V-joints or bird peak joints, to the client’s personal taste. We offer traditional skills for your home and garden. We place great emphasis on the importance of quality workmanship and attention to detail